2016 July

ACW Research & Development Residency Moment(o)s of Leaving

Working out of G39 during their Tu Fewn “does that include us” programme supported by DASH arts. Working with designer Caroline Jones, and members of the original MoL creative team, on how to ‘take the site out of the site’. Using various aspects of Whitchurch Hospital we experimented with the concept of designing a portable installation space which also serves as a performance platform, sourcing abandoned objects and materials from the hospital. Gareth Clark and Marega Palser joined me, experimenting with different styles of performance including Cabaret.


Whitchurch Mental Hospital, ACW Research & Development Residency

Collaborating with Julia Thomas, hospital staff, ex patients and the Whitchurch Hospital Historical Society, marking the ‘End of An Era’ of caring for the mentally unwell since 1908. Both my parents had been patients at Whitchurch and I was a regular visitor. I said goodbye to my Mother in the hospital, when I left for Australia.