Artistic Statement

Elaine’s process of working as a conceptual director is that of collaboration, preferring to work in a collective, drawing in practitioners from all aspects of the arts and working alongside community groups.

This hybrid quality, reflects in all the projects she works on, adapting to any creative environment. Working with young artists who bring to the table current technological artistic skills of film and audio, has enhanced her practice bringing a new and exciting element to her work.

Research is crucial to the back bone of her work and from this she teases out the themes to be explored. This leads her and her co-operators into adventurous investigations, highlighting the microscopic of place, people and permutations of performance.

The most important participant in her productions is the viewer. “I believe in a simple, non-academic approach to artistic creations that are digestible, engaging and inclusive. I want audiences to easily access the subterranean currents of the stories we are telling. The more uncomfortable the subject, the more we focus on how to serve up the ingredients.”

Recently, Elaine’s work has been spilling out of the theatre and into the arena of installation, sometimes bringing in live performance with her and sometimes not.